the digital project manager

The Digital Project Manager


We were asked for help to launch their initiative The Digital Project Manager. It’s a simple way to make a big difference, providing incredible, yet under-resourced, charities a platform to share strategic fundraising opportunities with their friends, families and far-flung supporters, helping them to get stuff done.

What they needed was a little bit of help to create the platform that could change the world.


Site Design & Development

We created a site to showcase a film which clearly communicates the vision and invites people to get involved. We did this by creating a premium site experience with a strong focus on increasing conversion through a refined route sign up to get involved, supported by a clean and elegant design. We created a user experience that allows for the exploration of the latest news and feels fresh with the inclusion of feeds from social media content but crucially has the ability to sign up to get involved at any point from the site. Additionally, for those already signed up to be involved, we created a team area which enabled approved members to contribute to a limited access forum to enable them to discuss the finer details of their plans in full.

Social Media

Rather than hoping or expecting that people would randomly come across our site, we knew it was important to communicate and interact with people within social networks, enabling conversations with people on their terms. That’s why we created and maintain Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, and a Facebook page to provide us with opportunities to maintain engagement with the geographically dispersed people who are already signed up, and get new people on board.

Email Marketing

We knew that with some people in the UK – inside and out of London, and some people in Canada – inside and out of Vancouver, we needed to create a communications strategy that allowed us to tailor our communications to different audiences. To do this we knew from the start we’d need to segment our contacts database and tailor our messaging for these distinct segments so that people only received news and information that was relevant to them. This helped us to create tailored and customised emails that people open, read and click-through to the site, with 4 minute average dwell times.

Organic search optimisation

With no budget available for Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, we needed to rely on developing a naturally good search positioning using tried and tested search engine (SEO) techniques.


  • The site has already generated more than 7,000 page views in less than 9 months
  • Using organic search optimisation techniques, there have been more than 1200 visitors to
  • Our email marketing communications consistently deliver better than 60% open rates and 20% click through rates
  • Engagement with the site content is high with an impressive average dwell time of 2.41 minutes and sign up rate growth rate of more than 10% MoM