RedSure Consulting


RedSure, a well established business consultancy that brings about profitable changes to businesses. RedSure enables businesses to turn around, often from the brink of bankruptcy, to become profitable through the implementation of operational improvements. RedSure were in need of help to launch their online presence to showcase the extent of their vast experience, provide a destination for people to find out more about the company and improve their ‘findability’ online.



Our approach was to first develop the business into a recognisable brand. We created an identity using confident, solid shapes to connote the dependability of the business using a red and black colour scheme to reflect the positive transition of businesses going from the red, back to black.

Site Design & Development

We created a site to showcase RedSure’s vast experience and encouraged people to get in touch and find out how RedSure can help transform their business. RedSure has extensive experience across 7 capability areas so we created a case study area that enabled users to quickly navigate to the capability area that they were interested in finding more about. We created a clean and uncluttered site experience supported by a clean and elegant design with a strong focus encouraging people to contact RedSure.


  • The site has already generated more than 1,000 page views in less than 4 months
  • Engagement with the site content is high with an impressive 33% bounce rate and an incredible average dwell time of 11 minutes
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Ben produced the website for me. He has done a great job to date with more to come. I can highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable, quick to understand, has great ideas and is very easy to work with
– Mike Thomas -