Dooley & Byrne Gardening


Dooley & Byrne came to us in need of help to launch their gardening business from scratch – it was a pop up venture with a shelf life of four months, designed to test the viability of a launching a business and to keep them occupied during their 4 month summer break

As it was a start-up, they were starting with nothing. They had no brand, no platform to generate business, and no marketing or communications strategy to launch the business and make it profitable within a short space of time.



Our approach was to first develop the business into a recognisable Dooley & Byrne brand. We created the logo based using the strong vernacular of gardening tools and used strong vintage colours to connote the dependability and authenticity of the business.

Site Design & Development

We then created a site which bucked the trend of other gardening sites; it provided a premium site experience with a strong focus on increasing conversion through a refined route to booking supported by a clear and elegant design. We created a user experience that allows for the exploration of great their latest offers, news but crucially with the ability to book Dooley & Byrne – always one click away.

Offline Marketing

To generate localised brand awareness and business we developed direct marketing collateral to provide information about the business and generate business. We also incentivised word-of-mouth marketing by providing clients with vouchers and coupons that gave them and their friends a discount when they were introduced to Dooley & Byrne Gardening.

Online Marketing

In order to drive traffic and business, we created both text and display ads hosted on relevant websites across the vast Google network. Adwords was able to help us target new audiences within a strict budget to get the results the business needed. We were able to set ads to appear only to people in the immediate locale, and we tested and optimised our campaign with different creative executions across different demographics to achieve the best response rates and conversion to sales.

Live Chat

As we were investing heavily in online marketing, we didn’t want to leave to chance the likelihood of people converting to making a booking. We knew that every visitor form our online marketing campaign would be a hot lead so we wanted to be sure that we helped as many visitors as possible, become customers. We knew every fraction of a % on conversion can make a huge difference. To do this we added a live chat module onto the site which enabled us to passively and proactively interact with visitors, ensuring that we helped them find the information they needed, and make a booking. By creating the live customer chat through the Gmail interface, we allowed Dooley & Byrne to interact with their customers even when they were out on a job.


  • The site generated close to 3,000 page views for the duration of the campaign
  • More than 900 visitors, visited with an impressive average dwell time of 2.57 minutes
  • We delivered more than 30,000 targeted Google Adwords impressions with an excellent click through rate of 0.2%
  • For every £1 spend on the Google Adwords campaign, we were able to deliver £25 of business
  • Most importantly, this campaign met its ambitious sales targets within two months launch
Black & White Zebra have been a pleasure to work with. They have consistently delivered excellent design in a timely fashion that has imaginatively tackled the many challenges inherent in creating a gardening start up!
– Sam Byrne