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How the zebra earnt its black and white stripes

black and white zebra stripes

A question we’re often (ish) asked is; “Why are you called ‘Black & White’ Zebra – aren’t all zebras black and white?” For now, until we come up with a better answer, the answer to that is “Yes”. But the more interesting question is, why do zebras have black and white stripes at all? Researchers […]

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Nice and good

Nice and good are the two criteria we’ll be sticking to when building the team at Black & White Zebra. Bill Bernbach defined these two criteria when defining the kind of people that he needed when starting DDB. They had to be nice, and they had to be good. He recognised that it’s people that […]

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Language in technicolour

Image from the viral 'Shit girls say' on black and white zebra

A challenging debate in social media is the extent to which a brand should censor or empower conversations in which their ‘followers’ express themselves in full technicolour – should people be allowed to use obscenities, swear, incite, or insult on your website? Profanities: authentic or crude? It’s a challenging question – should brands allow people […]

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Practice failing more

Fear of failure has been the death of so many great dreams. But what if you could remove fear from your pursuit of happiness? What would be the one thing you would change about your life? Would you do it? I was inspired watching ‘Failure Club‘, a documentary series following people pursuing their dreams in […]

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Building site authority

Website authority is essentially how a website is predicted to perform in search engine rankings. It’s important because ‘Authority Sites’ rank more highly in search engine results pages (serps). Search engines take into account the number of quality inbound links, the age of the domain, the time visitors spend on the site, and hundreds of […]

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Niche social networks – to join or not to join?

New social networks are popping up on a regular basis, and the fact that these specialized communities don’t have Facebook’s 800 million users doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t great places for brands to be. In many cases, brands are adopting niche social networks based on the quality of interactions as opposed to broad-based reach – […]

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Friends with benefits

What makes a place a good place to work?

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Facebook bares all at f8 developer conference – live streaming

Today, September 22nd, Facebook will be holding the Annual f8 Developer Conference, which brings together the developers, entrepreneurs and innovators who are building a more social web through the platform. It is typically packed with new product innovations and a real peek into the future of our platform.  FB suggested to us a few weeks ago this […]

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